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9-11 Manhattan Projects

The 9-11 Manhattan Projects    Click to download .pdf file.
This is a list and description, with artwork, of most of the comics projects associated with the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster, via Borderline Comics in the UK. Download Only

CBEM the Comic Book Network

The Comic Book Electronic Magazine is our one stop news source. The news segment of each show was culled largely from the postings here. If you're looking for the latest info on comics and much more...drop by and explore the Comic Book Network, or subscribe to the weekly e-mail version of CBEM here .

Argon Zark

Argon Zark is the best digital comic on the of all it's about the Web. Charley Parker does a wonderful job with this digitally created and viewed strip.

Drop in to , a virtual comics convention. Lots more links here and loads of fun as well. You'll never want to leave...just like a real convention, but without having to eat at the overpriced deli across the street.

Stan The Man's newest project...if you don't have it, download the shockwave flash plug in first. This site makes extensive use of it. Get the plug in here , or visit Stan and link to Macromedia from there.

Comic Book Profiles , an exellent magazine featuring interviews with comics creators and additional comments on each issue's subject from other well known pros. Almost a print version of 'Nuff Said!

Dr. Speck is the comic produced by regular listener and one time guest of 'Nuff Said! Geoff Grogan. After a short lifespan as a print comic Geoff decided to put it up and continue the saga on the web.

World War 3 Illustrated is one of the best comics out there right now. It is Artistic with a capital 'A' and makes statements about society in imaginative and poignant ways. WW3I is usually edited by Seth Tobacman and Peter Kuper and is found more often in music stores than in comic book shops. It's worth looking for.

Mark Evanier has a number of articles, essays and commentary about a large variety of comics, past and present, as well as many other subjects including most other forms of popular culture. New content several times per week.

Buzzboy , a comic that graces our comics page. Go to the site itself and read the archive stories - you're in for a treat.

Comic Book Resources , a comprehensive web site of articles, columns and a vast list of links.

Have a website of your own and want to put up an image link like this one on it? Here's a collection of graphics Ed created for your use.

Wally Wood's classic "22 Panels That Always Work or some interesting ways to get some variety into those boring panels where some dumb writer has a bunch of lame characters sitting around and talking for page after page." There's good advice here for any artist.

Comics Forum One of the best fanzines coming out right now. Published by the Comics Creators Guild in England featuring reviews, interviews and opinions. They take a critical yet loving look at the art form.

Comics Database Credits for a huge number of writers, artists, etc. going back to the golden age. Sorted by writer, penciller, inker, title, publisher or character. A wonderful reference material for those interested in creator credits.

The Comic Strip Project Credits for a comic strip writers, artists, etc. going back a century. A wonderful reference material for those interested in comic strip creator credits. With strip samples, too.

Marvel Chronology Project Character Database to chronologically catalog every actual appearance by every character in the Marvel Universe. It does not list "what-ifs," flashbacks, "non-canonical" stories or anything else that is not chronological.

Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe Character Database and Chronology loosely based on the Who's Who in the DC Universe. MLJ super-heroes fan site covering all the incarnations from the golden age to present day including the Red Circle, Impact and Archie imprints.

Golden Age Comics scanned and uploaded for your reading pleasure and historical education. The content changes every so often.

Kefauver Hearings on Juvenile Delinquency. The Interim Report of the famous 1954 U.S. Senate hearings that pushed the decline of the comics industry and catalyzed the creation of the Comics Code Authority.

Comics Essays Article links to a variety of topics, many of them scholarly, on many eras and styles.

Dachshund Home Page Early comics going back as far as the 9th century.

Words and Pictures Museum A Virtual Museum based on the Northhampton, Mass comic book art museum.

Small Press Syndicate A great resource for and about Small Press publishers plus a lot other information including a comprehensive links page.

Small Press Magazine Another great resource for and about Small Press publishers plus interviews and reviews.

Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate Political cartoons from all over the world.

Friends of Lulu The organization created to promote comics for and by girls and women. There are several chapters throughout the U.S. with regular meetings.

The Museum of Black Super-heroes Articles, interviews on a variety of comics, mainstream and independent, contemporary and historical. Very thorough.

Ethnic Images in the Comics Exhibition in the Museum of the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies. There were quite a few articles on the subject that were associated with the exhibition that are available on this web site.

Comiclopedia International comic artist gallery from Lambiek in Amsterdam. Easily one of the most comprehensive lists of comic artists from all over the world.

Johanna Draper Carlson's comic book reviews and recommendations covering all genres and publishers, from DC and Marvel super-heroes to alternative, self-published, and independent comics.

Comic Sutra, Beth Rimmels' column on comics. There's a new essay or article pretty much every week. She used to do the comics column in the Long Island Voice and also has articles on other areas of popular culture.

Abba Dabba , Howard Simpson's bit of comics inspired advised that you need Adobe Acrobat to read the strips, try it out though and download Acrobat
...Ed Menje's online portfolio uses the format too.

New Zealand e-zine with a very comprehensive links section.

British on line fanzine with articles, interviews, links, etc.

Silver Bullet Comics On-line fanzine with articles, interviews, links, etc. mostly on recent mainstream and independent comics.

Alternative Comics 9-11 comic. Marvel did the first comic book in reaction to the events of 9-11. DC and Dark Horse did one. World War III Illustrated did one, of course. So did Alternative Comics.

Chris Companik Chris has been a frequent guest on 'Nuff Said! This is his home page with links to several on-line comics he wrote and drew including "HIV + Me" and "881 Midtown Court."

JAL Comics Jeff Lindenblatt has also been a frequent guest on 'Nuff Said!, especially regarding comic strips. His magazine, The Missing Years, fills in the gaps of comic strip reprints.

Dark Angel Productions Alex Simmons has also been a frequent guest on 'Nuff Said! He created and writes "Blackjack" and "Race Against Time," which we recommend highly.

Matt Feazell "King of the Mini-Comics." Find out why he's called that and how to do your own mini-comics. Matt created Cynicalman, Normalman, Cutegirl and a host of other characters, usually stick figure. His art has appeared in Zot (Dimension 10 1/2) and currently appears in Disney Adventures.

Denny O'Neil's comments on Rich Morrissey. Rich Morrissey was a friend of mine and of comics fandom and a regular on 'Nuff Said! (either as a guest or as a reference for us) who passed away suddenly at age 47. Denny was succinct and right on and summarized why fandom exists and why it should exist.

Gray Morrow passed away Nov. 6, 2001. Click here for more on this fine man, great comic book, comic strip and book cover artist.

NYC activities Fannish events in the New York City area.

Interlac , Interlac is an APA (Amateur Press Alliance) of Legion of Super-Heroes fans (although we talk about everything else i.e. movies, TV, our families, jobs, music, other comics, etc). Ken has been a member since it began in 1976. Mercy has been in almost as long. Find out more about it and about apas in general. There are several links to members' home pages there, as well.
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Big Apple Con New York City's Wizard comic book convention. There are also guests from movies, television and wrestling. The array of comic book guests - especially golden age, silver age, and independent - is getting smaller all the time. Mercy and I are no longer regular guests, even at the smaller ones.

NYC Comicon The All-Time Classic in Westchester in 2000 was one of the best comic conventions I've ever attended. There may never be another one. This link is inactive, but I don't have the heart to eliminate it altogether

Arisia Boston, Mass's multi-faceted convention includes science fiction, comics, media s f, gaming, costuming, filking and parties. Mercy and I have a spot in Arisia's "Dealers' Row" every January.

Atlanta Comicon Atlanta, GA's new comics-oriented con. Mercy and Ken have been guests at every one so far.

Heroes Convention Charlotte, NC's long-running comics-oriented con. They have guests from all eras and styles. And sometimes Ken and Mercy, too.

Mighty Mini-Con Utica Comic Club's new comic book convention, trying its best to replace the fabled Uticon. They've moved to Syracuse, NY this year.

RFF & Astronomicon Rochester, NY has a very fannish convention and club. They call themselves "multi-genre" and their web site explains it better than I can in a couple of sentences. They also have a very comprehensive links page.

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Hour of the Wolf - Jim Freund's science fiction program Wednesday overnights 1:30 - 3:00 AM. It's also the show where 'Nuff Said! was first heard, back in 1993. Jim interviews authors, reads science fiction on the air, talks about the field and its fans and plays Steeleye Span music

Golden Age of Radio - Max Schmid's Sunday evening show, 7 - 9PM. He usually plays several vintage radio shows every week. You might hear comedy, drama, science fiction, classic shows or obscure shows. And the occasional live radio drama.

Off the Hook - Emmanuel Goldstein's Tuesday evening show has been moved to Wednesday evening 7 - 8PM. It used to end an hour before 'Nuff Said! began. Find out what hackers and the hacking community are really like. Not the way the mass media usually portrays them.

Everything Old Is New Again - David Kenney 's Sunday evening show 9 - 11PM. Modern cabaret, classic show tunes, interviews with performers and songwriters. - R. Paul Martin 's web site. He was the chief steward of the union at WBAI-FM and is still the producer and host of "Back of the Book" which airs alternate Saturday mornings at 5:00 AM. Find out more about what's going on behind the scenes of WBAI from articles on the site and links to sites that cover the events from many different points of view.

Shocking Blue - Delphine Blue's excellent music show is currently not on WBAI-FM.

Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade - Bill Weinberg 's excellent show is currently not on WBAI-FM. Bill is also does the equally excellent World War 4 Report.

Hard Work - Mike Feder 's excellent free-form talk show on Friday evening was moved to Sunday mornings and is now on satellite.

The WBAI Schedule - All the shows . A day by day breakdown of every show on WBAI-FM. You can listen to any of them live from this web site. Just connect via one of the two links on the front (home) page. There are also links to web pages for most of the shows. However, the timetable IS a bit dated. Many of the shows are no longer being broadcast, but it was the most complete timetable I could find at the time. Now it's a sort of time capsule of WBAI, 2000. The schedule became more up-to-date when the "banned and fired" were returned January 15, 2002 then less so in early June, 2002 when many time slots were changed and other shows (such as 'Nuff Said!) were taken off the air.

The Official WBAI-FM web site - The Home Page of WBAI-FM. 'Nuff Said!

An updated WBAI Schedule - All the shows . A new web site with "a hyperlinked WBAI program grid in lieu of the Folio that never comes."

WBAI Listener Network - Information on the "Pacifica Crisis," "The Coup" and a history of the Pacifica Network which owns WBAI-FM. - WBAI Listener Bulletin Board The discussion on WBAI shows and personnel varies from supportive to critical, from crazy to sensible, from knowledgeable to prejudiced.

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Kurt Erichsen , Cartoonist syndicated in several places in the U.S. View his cartoons and illustrations on his web site.

Marcy Gordon , Singer/songwriter who performs regularly in the New York City area, occasionally with Mercy.

Erich Heinemann , Painter/web-designer My web teacher who spends more time helping me design web pages than he does on his own site.

Denys Howard, Long-time comics and science fiction fan with a web site full of links, blogs, articles, essays, trip reports and politics.

Rachel Kadushin , Multi-faceted individual: writer, musician, producer, graphic designer, promoter. Look for a surprise in the Evolved Friends section off the root directory.

Ray Korona , Progressive singer/songwriter One of the best songwriters I know of. Period.

Joel Landy , Singer/songwriter/musician/cable TV producer. Check out Songs of Freedom on several cable TV outlets or go to one of his gigs. Great stuff!

James Mobius , Musician and illustrator. Donna Martinez has her page on this site, too.

Moldred , Robert's web site is devoted to his anthropomorphic comic characters.

Pam Timmins , Painter and videographer with samples of each.

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OTHER LINKS , The Great Books , Online and free. Several different types of encyclopedias and many other reference books. Great for artists OR writers.

Classic Reader , Great works of literature , online and free, where you can read, search, and annotate hundreds of novels and short stories.

The Internet Movie Database , Movie credits information galore. Very comprehensive list of actors, directors, writers, composers, you-name-it.

An example of the Weird stuff , you can find on the Internet Movie Database.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Links Page for one of my favorite comedy TV shows. The radio is on much more than the TV is, but that doesn't mean the TV is never on.

The Fanac Fan History Project on science fiction fandom This site is devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom past and present."

The Celtic League American Branch , CLAB 's web site is something else Ken Gale is involved in. "This is neither a comics site nor a radio site, but it is something I'm proud of."

The Neighborhood Energy Network , NEN 's web site is something else Ken Gale is involved in. NEN is involved in promotion and education about alternative energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation in New York City. "This is neither a comics site nor a radio site, but something else I'm proud of."

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