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August 14, 2002

Two years before 'Nuff Said! I came to WBAI to join Ed Menje on his show Monsters from the ID, which he had been doing for six years, having taken over the similar show Rude Awakening. Ed mostly played punk and hardcore rock music and I added heavy metal and more early punk and unsigned bands that produced and distributed their own music. We alternated with Susan Brown's show Punk and Hardcore, eventually mutating MftI into 'Nuff Said! in 1993

On August 14, 2002 from 3:30 AM to 6:00 PM, I guest-hosted Punk and Hardcore while Susan was out of town. I opened with the same song Ed Menje played at the opening of Monsters from the ID. I tend to play four-song sets. I've listened to college radio stations that play half an hour, 45 minutes of music without commercials then read a long list of what they played. If I was especially interested in something in the middle of the set, I wasn't able to keep track of which was which. Hence my shorter sets.

Despite the fact that 'Nuff Said! had just been cancelled and despite Susan inviting me to do so, I did not play any interviews with comic book creators. As I write this over a year later (having just come across my play list), I don't remember why. Perhaps it had been so long since I had done a music show, that's all I wanted to do. Or perhaps I believed program director Bernard White and the other staffers when they said 'Nuff Said! was only temporarily canceled. (Go ahead, laugh or shake your head, I deserve it. I guess I was more optimistic than I thought I was.)

I brought more heavy metal and less punk and hardcore than usual, again for reasons I don't remember. I also featured a 1994 album of (mostly? all?) unsigned bands called Alternative Woodstock. I'll note which songs are from that album. I list the artist first, then the song title.

3 D Invisibles - Monster DJ
Kiss - Hotter than Hell (live)
Dandelion - Waiting for a Ride
Abba Rage - Meant to Break (from Alternative Woodstock)

Gumball - Whatcha Gonna Do
Blackmore's Rainbow - Tarot Woman
Blackmore's Rainbow - Run with the Wolf
Psychefunkapus - Surfin' on Jupiter

I enjoyed hearing the Rainbow so much I decided to let the record continue. I play more from it later in the show.

The Clash - London's Burning
Conehead Buddha - S.W.M. (from Alternative Woodstock)
Tony Draper - The Ceremony 2000
KMFDM - Rules

The New York City area was going through a heat wave so I read a piece about Eskimo physiology from a book called "Straight Dope" (compilations from the syndicated newspaper column of the same name).

The Murmurs - You Suck
Mr. Mackey from South Park (Soundtrack) - Mmm'Kay
Nazareth - Razamanaz
Anti-Nowhere Society - Streets of London

Blackmore's Rainbow - Starstruck
Blackmore's Rainbow - Do You Close Your Eyes?
Wasp - The Real Me
Pimp Project - Kick Your Legs Higher

Go Van Go - How Come Everybody's Got a Gun? (from Alternative Woodstock)
Pearl Jam - Go
Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather
Saxon - Denim and Leather

I couldn't resist playing those last two together.

KMFDM - Craze
Promo - Feel My Love
Oblivion Grin - Popogigot (from Alternative Woodstock)
Brian Dewan - 99 Cops

Tearjerkers - Comic Book Hero

I didn't play any interviews with artists or writers, but I did talk about comics. Then I played a set of songs that mention comic book characters. And talked about the recently-released Spider-Man movie and various Spider-Man comics.

The Ramones - Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
The Ramones - Spider-Man Theme
XTC - Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
Theme to Spider-Man

Slade - Run Runaway
Perfect Thyroid - Elected Pimps (from Alternative Woodstock)
Tim Buk 3 - Two Medicines

And something mellow and overtly political to blend into Wake Up Call, the show immediately after.

Soundtrack to Hair - Easy to be Hard

It had been a while since I had done a music show and I had a lot of fun. I trust it translated to the air. Thank you, Susan!

If you have any requests or suggestions for the next time I sub for Susan (including your own band), please e-mail me: And keep checking this web site for when the next time will be.

New York City
December, 2003

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