The Celtic League, American Branch prints its own quarterly newsletter, Six Nations, One Soul, which provides news of Branch activities and events within the Celtic communities in the United States, publishes letters from members, and reviews of books and recordings of Celtic interest. This newsletter is included in membership, as is CARN.

In the current issue of Six Nations, One Soul:
  • A Welsh Chair report (Pearse in Cardiff; The Dragon's Colors; King Arthur's Address; Returned to Sender; Welsh Books Website; Donald, Where’s Your Tartan?)
  • A Breton Chair report (Skoazell Vreizh, Press Release from the Gwenngamp Committee for Solidarity with Alain Solé)
  • The Revenge of Greyfriars Bobby
  • Book review: Marie O’Neill, "Grace Gifford Plunkett and Irish Freedom: Tragic Bride of 1916,” reviewed by M. Eva Kelly
  • Film/Video review: “St. Patrick: The Irish Legend,” Fox Family Network; reviewed by J.L. Baird
  • Video review: “The True Story of Braveheart,” History Channel; reviewed by J.L. Baird
  • Cornish Parliament Petition reported by Alexei Kondratiev

In the last issue of Six Nations, One Soul:
  • General CLAB news and information
  • A Welsh Chair report
  • An “obituary” for the Irish Bookshop in New York
  • A few odd news items
  • Book review: Callum G. Brown, Up-Helly-Aa: Custom, Culture and Community in Shetland, reviewed by S.P. DeVillo
  • Video/Theatre review: Frank McCourt's “The Irish and How They Got That Way,” reviewed by J.L. Baird
  • Music review: Carlos Nunez, “Brotherhood of Stars,” reviewed by Bartok Reeve