The Celtic League International publishes CARN, A Link Between the Celtic Nations. Each issue is has articles about all six Celtic Nations and there is often an article from the American Branch.

CARN #114

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Table of Contents

Tilleamaid don Roinn Eorpa a Risd by Gilleasbuig MacMhuirich

Beyond the Cringe - Taking Scottish Traditional Music to the Nation’s Heart by Rob Gibson

2001 Census Not Counting Gaelic speakers by Brude mac Maelcon

Gaelic Education News

Scottish Politics in a Westminster Election by Rob Gibson

Election - Nationalism Drives Agenda in Scotland & Wales by Bernard Moffatt

Committee of the Regions and the Scottish parliament: Making a Reality of Subsidiarity by Claude Guillemain

Un Amzer Nevez Evit Bro Skos by Yann Jestin

U.S. Support for Breton Prisoners

Local Elections in Brittany...Nothing New? by Gi Keltik

Diwan [Brittanny] says "Yes" to Minister’s Offer by Carys Lewis-Le Disez

Europe! Breton National...French Citizen by Yann Fouéré Reviewed by Thierry Jigourel

Cynnal Cyfarfodydd Effeithiol by John Griffith Jones & Y Bala

Plaid Stays Static in State General Election by RapT

Assembly Hostility to [Welsh] Language

Skoazell Breizh by Michéal Mac Raghnaill

Banks Campaign Continues by Robat ap Tomos

Major Victory in Nice Referendum Campaign by C. Ó Luain

Irish Language Supreme Court Victory

Sinn Féin Gains in Westminster and Local Elections

Towlenn an Bibel Kernewek by José Calvete

Cornish Language Exclusion Will Be Scrutinised

Cornish Spy Station Steals EU Secrets by Bernard Moffatt

Croo Shennaghys by Brian Stowell

Manx Govt. Running Scared on Population Debate by Bernard Moffatt

The Way Forward for Brittanny by Jakez Derouet

Erika’s Spill - No Lessons Learned by Bernard Moffatt

The Confession of the French General Aussaresses

Breton Prisoner’s Rights Abused

And many short articles.

CARN #113

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Table of Contents

Sectarian Bigotry Cancels Taoiseach’s Visit to Alba (Scotland) by Rob Gibson

Debate About Brittany Today

“Culloden” in Brittany

Politically Correct Welsh Unionists Support Cultural Genocide by Robat ap Tomos

It’s Cardiff, “England,” for the F.A. Cup by Robat ap Tomos

Celtic Tiger — Growth for Growth’s Sake?

Cornish Assembly Petition — Progress

Cornish Not English

Gilligan Gets 28 Years

Manx Gaelic Education Controversy by Bernard Moffatt

Conference of European Stateless Nations

Celtic League American Branch Attends Hunger Strikers Memorial by Tom McGrath

Book Review: “Lands for the People? The Highland Clearances and the Colonisation of New Zealand” Reviewed by Ray Bell

And many short articles.

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