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Trans-Pacific Partnership Information

It's hard to get information on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Here are links to the text itself and some of the articles and other reports.

TPP's next step: TiSA.

The full text.
Citizens Trade Campaign TAKE ACTION NOW: Please urge your Congress members to vote NO on the TPP.
Printable flyers and articles.
National Sierra Club analysis (includes more links).
Food and Water Watch.
Public Citizen analysis.
Huffington Post.
compilation of news articles and press releases from many groups.
Why TPP text had been kept secret, with many links.
TPP and Climate Change with links - Global Justice for Animals and the Environment.
Friends of the Earth TPP blog - Why we'll win.
TPP and the Paris Climate Talks - Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.
TPP vs. Endangered Species - Sierra Club.
TPP vs. Endangered Species - Huffington Post.
TPP's threat to wildlife video.
TPP and Food -
Trade Agreement Enforcement - Center for International Environmental Law.
TPP vs. UN Sustainable Development Goals - Friends of the Earth.
TPP vs. Pollinators - Friends of the Earth.
Trade Justice, local anti-TPP group.
Trans-Pacific Partnership information - Citizens Trade Campaign.
Episode of Eco-Logic about TPP - Four guests.
Environment TV videos.
State of the Union TPP Analysis.
A list of TPP corporate insiders.

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