Do men resist "green behavior" as unmanly? Scientific American article says "yes."

Scientific American article.
   Who decides what is unmanly? Conservative media?
   Note that, according to the article, men who are comfortable with their own masculinity do NOT see environmental issues as effeminate. So there is an overcompensation thing going on and environmental issues are the political "victim."
   I also have noticed for many years that women outnumber men at most environmental meetings and programs, except for those dealing with solar energy and building efficiency. 'Cause men are into technology and working with their hands?
   What does "effeminate" mean and why is it considered "bad"?
   Or is this a new "fad," as artist Alan Messer points out? Caring for the environment has been a responsibility thing, an adult, mature thing: becoming a manly man. The "branding" of environmentalism as leftist [and effeminate] has been a project of Hate-wing Radio and the Koch head right.