Earth Day 2015 Events

Here are some Earth Day and pre-earth day events. It's not all litter and recycling, as mass media would have you believe. Write 'em down1

   Wednesday, April 15th, A climate solidarity contingent at the Fight for 15 march will gather at 64th St. and Central Park West at 4pm. Climate problems and poverty wages are tied together and caused by most of the same corporations. This would be a good time to point out how much of our taxes go to subsidizing extremely wealthy polluting corporations. See

   Thursday, April 16th, NYC Safe Energy Coalition meets to plan Earth Day events and discuss legislation to support, legislation to oppose, legislation that has been watered down, and basic education to do to the general public. NYU School of Law - near Washington Square Park - Furman Hall at 245 Sullivan St., btw W 3rd & W 4th St., seminar room 210, 2nd floor. Be there at 6:30 for socializing and pot luck, meeting starts at 7:00 promptly.

   Friday, April 17th, starting at 6:30pm, NYC Friends of Clearwater’s April Gathering and Earth Day Celebration. 239 Thompson St. near Washington Square South, which is also west 4th St.

   Sunday, the 19th, is one of the corporate earth day events, with a LOT of greenwashing, but they always have a few grassroots groups, such as Friends of Clearwater, so please seek them out. Union Square on Sunday. 17th St. near Broadway.

   Monday, April 20th, a procession in Manhattan to mark the 5th anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon blowout. Gather at 8 AM at Sara Roosevelt Park, at the corner of East Houston St. & Chrystie St. Chrystie St. is like 2nd Ave and Houston is one block south of First St.

   Tuesday, April 21st 5PM is a rally at Cuomo's New York City office, in solidarity with New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania communities opposing pipelines, oil trains and barges along the Hudson River. When they build more fossil fuel infrastructure, they're not investing in anything to get us to 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency. 633 3rd Avenue at 41st Street at 5:00 PM.

   Wednesday, April 22nd, Earth Day, a net zero home open house in Brooklyn. A five-story apartment that will use so little energy, they can make that energy on site with solar. It's at 951 Pacific St. For more info and to go on the tour, reserve a space at

   Also that day, the mayor is introducing a new PlaNYC energy blueprint. It's been kept secret and many activists feel that the so-called necessity for Indian Point will be kept in, despite how little electricity the entire Con Ed rate area buys from them, with the rest going all over New England. Depending on what we learn of it, we'll be celebrating or protesting at 5:30 at City Hall, near the Brooklyn Bridge.

   Saturday, April 25th, 7PM, Clearwater benefit concert. St. John's Church, 1 Hudson St., Yonkers, NY

   Sunday, April 26th, on the eve of the United Nations’ review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, there will be a march starting at 1PM from the north end of Union Square going to the United Nations. One limited nuclear exchange will cause a nuclear winter that will pretty much wipe out most plant and animal life in Europe, Asia and North America. No more agriculture in the northern hemisphere. There is a movement to add nuclear weapons to the bans on chemical and biological weapons.