Celtic History — Past Months:

  July Wales' Year of the French
  June Celtic Galicia
  May Speckled Bob
  April Anjela Duval Centenary
  March Bleun-Brug 1905-2005
  February Katie Bar the Door!
  January The Star Of Gomer

  December Abbey Theatre Centennial
  November The Sinn Fein Policy
  October The Way to the Gaeltachd (In The Footsteps of Alasdair MacColla , Part Two)
  October Oscar Wilde Sesquicentennial 1854-2004
  September The Literary Policeman
  August The Manx Have Landed
  August The Way to the Gaeltachd (In The Footsteps of Alasdair MacColla , Part One)
  July Inbher Lochaidh (Alasdair MacColla, Part Sixteen)
  July Owain Glyn Dwr Sexcentenary 1404-2004
  June Georges Kadoudal Bicentennial
  June Bloomsday Centennial 1904-2004
  May The First Welsh Opera
  May Fear Thollaidh Nan Tighean (Alasdair MacColla, Part Fifteen)
  April Divide and Conquer (Alasdair MacColla, Part Fourteen)
  April The Irish Grandma Moses
  March Dr. Barham and the Miners
  March Aberdeen (Alasdair MacColla, Part Thirteen)
  February United Opposition! (Alasdair MacColla, Part Twelve)
  February Bicentennial of Trevithick’s Locomotive
  January George Washington’s Breton General
  January Montrose (Alasdair MacColla, Part Eleven)

  December The Scottish Campaign Begins (Alasdair MacColla, Part Ten)
  December Balloon Tytler
  November The Irishman Who Invented Dracula
  October The Emerging Campaign (Alasdair MacColla, Part Nine)
  September Another Turn of Fate (Alasdair MacColla, Part Eight)
  September Cornish Gorsedd Diamond Jubilee
  August The Battle of Shrewsbury (Owain Glyn Dwr Sexcentenary)
  August A Turn of Fate (Alasdair MacColla, Part Seven)
  July Spontaneous Combustion (Alasdair MacColla, Part Six)
  July Robert Emmet Bicentennial
  June Setting the Stage for War (Alasdair MacColla, Part Five)
  May The Clouds of War (Alasdair MacColla, Part Four)
  May Lord Monboddo’s Orangutang
  April Richard Trevithick, Cornish locomotive inventor
  April Alasdair MacColla, Son of Coll
  March Grace Gifford Plunkett, Irish Patriot
  March Alasdair MacColla, Gaelic Warrior, Part Two
  February Alasdair MacColla, Gaelic Warrior, Part One
  January Darwin’s Welsh Co-discoveror

  December The Controversial Caradoc Evans
  November An Irish Suffragist
  October The Life of Boswell
  September The Flowers of the Forest
  August You Foolish Galatians
  July The Bard’s Son
  June Owain’s Victory at Bryn Glas
  May The Novelist of Mannin
  April A Fateful Diplomatic Dinner
  March Yann The Wise Duke of Brittany, 1402-2002
  February The United Scotsmen
  January Battle of Le Mans (Franco-Prussian War)

  December Marconi Centennial 1901-2001
  November The Poet Who Planned The Easter Rising
  October The Greatest Welsh Novelist
  September The Other High King of Ireland
  August To the Rear Stood Kilmarnock
  July The Last of the Welsh Jacobites
  June Fenians Invade Canada!
  May The Feast of Bealtaine in Celtic History
  April Owain Glyn Dwr Sexcentenary 1401-2001
  March The Concatenation of Celtic Titles
  February The Fenian Ram — The First Modern Submarine
  January The Discovery of Neptune

  December The Duchess in the Wooden Shoes
  November Potato Riots on the Isle of Mann
  October Battle of the Largs
  September Owain Glyn Dwr Sexcentenary 1400-2000

The stories in This Month in Celtic History are drawn from the over 1000 anniversaries of people and events from the histories of the six Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, and the Isle of Mann in the 2004 Celtic Calendar, available soon from the Celtic League American Branch.